WHY: Realtor Lockbox Stand

No More Traipsing Through the Grounds

Before I became a realtor, my mother-in-law was a realtor. I had a notion when she was showing my husband and I homes that it was unsafe for her to maneuver through landscaping only to have to crouch down in dress clothes to open an inconveniently placed lockbox. Since becoming a realtor myself, I’ve endured many not only inconvenient but hazardous placements of lockboxes.

  • Is That Professional?

    How professional does it look when you walk up to a high-end property and have to make your way through rocks or wet ground to retrieve the key from a faucet or spigot that is eight inches from the ground?

  • Do You Have a Change of Clothes?

    How often have you had to dodge a sprinkler or been soaked by one when retrieving a key from the gas meter while you are holding your nose since the seller’s trash bins are next to the meter?

  • Where's Your Profit Going?

    How many doors, handrails, or tables have you had to pay to have repainted or replaced because the lockbox scratched the paint? Or, been forced to replace your professional attire due to water-spot damage? If you had to send clothing to the dry cleaners, the bill alone was probably more then the cost of the handy Lockbox Stand!

With the realtor Lockbox Stand, we’re throwing out the old way and making accessing the key to a listed home or construction site convenient, safe, and easy. The Stand blends in with any décor and is secure, professional, and attractive, providing a pleasant welcome for buyers and others entering the home or business.

Benefits of the Realtor Lockbox Stand An Attractive Solution for Accessing Lockboxes

The Lockbox Stand is perfect for convenient, easy access to the realtor lockbox – and it looks good too! It’s also a great solution for builders, allowing them to provide a single key that’s readily available for those contractors who arrive early to work or work on weekends.

  • Designed by a real estate agent

  • Professional and attractive

  • Secured by a cable and key lock

  • Blends with any decor

  • Does not cause damage to the property

  • Four-feet tall for easy key retrieval

  • Lockbox locks onto sturdy, metal ring at top of stand

  • Convenient lockbox holder to free up your hands

  • Includes a 15-foot cable for securing the stand

  • Additional 30-foot cable available, if needed

Request Set Up or Take Down It Can be Placed or Removed Within 24 Hours

Once you set up your account, you can log in at any time to choose a delivery date for your realtor Lockbox Stand, even if you need it by tomorrow. We know how busy real estate agents and builders are and that it’s entirely possible to forget to order your realtor Lockbox Stand. No worries—if your order is placed by 4:30 p.m. we can have the Lockbox Stand on location the next morning. 

You Should Also Know:

SET UP It's As Easy as 1...2...3!

  • 2


    Enter location of delivery and select placement date.

  • 3


    Just click "Request Lockbox Stand" to schedule a delivery. We’ll text you a picture once the Lockbox Stand has been securely placed, so you can add your lockbox.


Once you’re ready to have the realtor Lockbox Stand removed, simply log back into your account, find the address on your dashboard and click "Request Pickup" than select a removal date, and leave the rest to us!

Designed With You In Mind Subtle Features Provide the Finishing Touch

  • Professional and attractive

  • Complimentary to any decor

  • Tall enough for easy key retrieval

  • Sturdy and secure

  • Convenient

  • Doesn’t damage property

  • Lockbox locks onto sturdy, metal ring at top of stand

  • Handy lockbox holder for key box