PRICING: An Affordable Solution for Easily Accessible Key Storage Lockboxes

Throw Out the Old Way and Hook Up With Lockbox Stand!

Being able to easily access a key storage lockbox is priceless and brings peace of mind. It’s time to throw out the old way and stop worrying about dirt lots, unexpected sprinklers, or low-hanging lockboxes! With this key storage Lockbox Stand, we’ve thought of it all, including affordable pricing.

  • Quarterly membership fee

  • Simple rental pricing structure

  • Single fee for placement and removal

Front and back views of Lockbox Stand

A Key Storage Lockbox Stand is Within Your Means A Simple and Reasonable Pricing Structure

We gave a lot of thought to our pricing structure. We wanted to make sure it was simple and provided real estate agents and builders with an affordable solution for convenient placement of key storage lockboxes. Here’s what we came up with:

Quarterly Membership

$60 / Quarter / Agent

  • 24-hour access to system to request placement or removal.
  • Placement and removal will occur Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Next-business-day placement available.
  • Photo sent to agent or contractor once stand placed, so you can attach the lockbox.
  • Direct billing to credit card on file for all requested services.
  • In the unlikely event of mechanical or structural failure of the Lockbox Stand due to our negligence, we will replace it for free within 24 hours of notification.
  • Automatic renewal unless membership cancelled prior to billing period.

Stand Rental

$38.50 / Home

  • Includes Delivery & Pick Up*

    * Agent or affiliate is responsible to remove lockbox from stand prior to scheduled pick up.

  • Currently serving the Tri-Cities region from Benton City to Burbank.
  • Location has to be mappable so we can find it via GPS.
  • Agent or contractor need not be present for set up for removal. If being placed at an occupied home, it's a good idea to let the home owner know of placement.
  • Includes 15-foot cable and key lock for securing the Lockbox Stand to the property.
  • Agent or contractor does not have to deal with the product—Lockbox Stand staff members take care of everything.

Other Fees

Other Miscellaneous Charges

  • 30-Foot Extension Security Cable

    $9.99 / stand

  • Damage

    $9.99 / Stand should the Lockbox Stand be damaged while located on a property. Damage could include but is not limited to a broken post, hook, key box holder, base, reel, cable, or the ‘Welcome’ sign.

  • Failure to Remove Lockbox from Stand for Pickup

    $9.99 / Stand if we show up for a scheduled retrieval and the lockbox is still on the stand. It will be necessary for you to reschedule pick up for once the lockbox has been removed. An additional $9.99 fee will be applied.

  • Re-establish a Cancelled Membership

    $9.99 / account

Terms and Conditions All the Details You Need to Know

  • Delivery to requested property address. Property must be mappable so we can find it via GPS.
  • Secure installation of the Lockbox Stand to a solid, non-damaging fixture of the property, such as the porch, a pillar, fencing, stairs, handrail, or specific location requested by the realtor or contractor.
  • Photo texted to contact on file once Lockbox Stand has been placed.
  • Placed in the front of the home or business in an area that can be easily located and accessed by realtors and contractors.
  • Located out of lawns and bushes for ease of groundskeeping.
  • Placed to mitigate damage to the property and the Lockbox Stand.
  • Next-business-day placement and removal of Lockbox Stand after request. Any Friday requests will be fulfilled the next business day.
  • If necessary, we will add a 30-foot security cable to the Lockbox Stand to keep it within view and easily accessible. There is an additional charge for the 30’ extension cable.
  • Realtors are responsible for installing and removing the lockbox from the Lockbox Stand.
  • Since we do not own the lockboxes attached to the Lockbox Stand, under no circumstance will we remove the Lockbox Stand until the lockbox has been removed.
  • Failure to remove the lockbox from the Lockbox Stand by the scheduled pick up time will result in an additional fee. It will be necessary to reschedule pick up once the lockbox has been removed from the stand.
  • You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting us.
  • Cancellation will be effective the end of the month in which we are notified of cancellation.
  • We do not pro-rate membership fees for cancellations.
  • Your membership will remain valid through the end of month.
  • You may continue use of your Lockbox Stand(s) until the end of the cancellation month.
  • All Lockbox Stand equipment must be picked up and accounted for prior to membership cancellation being effective.
  • If pick up is not scheduled until the month after cancellation, you will occur another monthly fee.
  • Once your membership is cancelled:
    • You will no longer be charged.
    • You’ll still be able to login and see the items you have previously ordered.
    • You will not be able to order new items.
    • You can renew your membership at any time for a membership renewal fee.