WHO: Lockbox Stand Creators

Filling a Need for Real Estate Agents and Builders

Lockbox Stand was created by Michelle, a real estate agent, and her husband, Josh. Michelle first started thinking about a convenient and secure solution for key storage lockbox placement when she and Josh were looking for a new home. She watched her real estate agent, who also happened to be her mother-in-law, cautiously making her way through landscaped yards and dirt lots trying to find inconveniently placed lockboxes.

The Problem Ruined Shoes, Wet Clothes, Slips, Trips, and Falls

Shortly after that, Michelle became a real estate agent herself and experienced first-hand the perils of trying to locate lockboxes and access the key inside. She’s ruined new shoes walking through mud. She’s soaked her clothes trying to dodge sprinklers. She’s even toppled over when having to squat low to retrieve a key. All the time thinking, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Michelle Pfister leaning on Lockbox stand and waving

Finding the Right Solution Making Lockbox Access Easy and Convenient

That’s when Michelle started to etch out designs for a lockbox stand that could be securely attached to the home, business, or any sturdy object nearby. It needed to be portable and durable, easy to find, tall enough for easy key retrieval, and able to fit in a car. To prevent theft, both the stand and lockbox needed to be secure. After Michelle had drawn up a few options, she enlisted Josh for the build. They created a few prototypes, made some revisions, and nailed it with the current design—it’s attractive, durable, secure, accessible, and convenient.

A Favorable Option for Realtors and Contractors Complimentary to Any Environment

Now Michelle and Josh are on a journey to make accessing lockboxes easy, convenient, and most of all, safe. Real estate agents love that they can easily find the Lockbox Stand, that key retrieval is simple, and that the Stand is complementary to any environment. Builders love that they have a convenient option for contractors to access construction sites without having to wait for someone with a key to unlock the door. And all our clients love that we offer a free demonstration of the stand at your office or on your job site.

Designed With You In Mind Subtle Features Provide the Finishing Touch

  • Professional and attractive

  • Complimentary to any decor

  • Tall enough for easy key retrieval

  • Sturdy and secure

  • Convenient

  • Doesn’t damage property

  • Lockbox locks onto sturdy, metal ring at top of stand

  • Handy lockbox holder for key box