FAQs: About the Key Lockbox Stand

Professionally Designed for Easy Key Lockbox Access

We’ve pulled together answers to the most common questions we get about our key Lockbox Stand. Should you have additional questions, please complete our contact form or give us a call at 1-509-591-8559. If you want to see the Lockbox Stand yourself, schedule a demo and we'll bring it by your agent meeting, office, or construction site.

Does the homeowner, real estate agent, or builder need to be present for set up?

No, no one need to be present for set up. It is a good idea, however, to make the homeowner aware of the delivery.

Does Lockbox Stand staff attach or remove the lockbox from the Stand?

No. The real estate agent or builder is responsible for attaching and removing the lockbox from the Lockbox Stand. The Lockbox Stand will remain in place until the lock is removed by the listing agent or builder. Lockbox Stand is not the owners of the lockbox—we do not have the ability to remove or install lockboxes.

What if I schedule pick up but haven’t yet removed the lockbox?

If we show up for a scheduled pick up and the lockbox has not been removed from the Stand, we will not remove the Stand from the property. We will notify you of such and you will need to reschedule pick up for after the lockbox has been removed from the Stand. Monthly fees will continue to accrue until the Stand has been picked up. There will also be a fee assessed for us showing up on the scheduled day but not being able to remove the stand. 

How is the stand secured to the property?

The stand is secured with a heavy-duty, 15-foot cable. The cable is loosely wrapped around a sturdy surface and padlocked. If a longer cable is needed, a 30-foot extension cable is available for a small monthly fee.

What if the standard 15-foot cable isn’t long enough? Do I need to reschedule for placement with a longer cable?

No, we carry the 30-foot cables with us to all placements, so we can place the Lockbox Stand on the scheduled date. We will notify you if we need to utilize the longer cable.

What if the stand is damaged while on location?

The real estate agent or builder is responsible for the condition of the Lockbox Stand while it is on location. Should it become damaged, a reasonable fee will be assessed.

Is the stand available in multiple colors?

No, at this time the Stand is available in just one color.

Designed With You In Mind Subtle Features Provide the Finishing Touch

  • Professional and attractive

  • Complimentary to any decor

  • Tall enough for easy key retrieval

  • Sturdy and secure

  • Convenient

  • Doesn’t damage property

  • Lockbox locks onto sturdy, metal ring at top of stand

  • Handy lockbox holder for key box