Lockbox Stand

Throw out the old way. Hook up with a
Lockbox Stand.

Easy and convenient lockbox access for real estate listings and construction projects.

Eliminate Real Estate Lockbox Perils Curtail Twisted Ankles and Other Liability Issues

As a realtor, you know the perils of accessing a real estate lockbox. I’ve experienced them myself, ruining more than one pair of expensive dress shoes, experiencing numerous scratches, and slipping and falling trying to reach a precariously placed real estate lockbox.


    How many times have you had to maneuver through rough landscape, dirt, or mud only to have to crouch down to open a lockbox that’s attached to a spigot on the side of the home?


    How safe do you feel when the lockbox you need to access is attached to a gas meter?


    If the lockbox is conveniently located on a door or handrail, how often has the surface it’s attached to been scratched by the lockbox?

Anyone who has opened a home for a buyer or open house has had an unpleasant, or maybe even embarrassing experience when accessing the lockbox.


The Real Estate Lockbox Stand An Affordable, Attractive Solution

Helping and Supporting our Real Estate Business

There couldn’t be an easier solution than the real estate Lockbox Stand - for realtors and construction sites. Simply create an account, place your order, schedule a delivery time, and voilà, The Lockbox Stand magically appears at your location of choice on your date of choice. It’s attractive, professional, secure, and best of all, it’s easily accessible!

Once the home has sold and you’re ready to have the Lockbox Stand removed, simply log in to your account to schedule a pickup date and we’ll arrive as arranged to remove the stand from the location.

It’s that simple.

Lockbox Hook

Sturdy Lockbox Hook

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Key Holder Receptacle

Key Holder Receptacle

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Self Coiling Security Cable & Lock

Self Coiling Security
Cable & Lock

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Providing a Safe Solution Decrease Liabilities With the Real Estate Lockbox Stand

We’re just getting started and currently serve the Tri-Cities, WA region—from Benton City to Burbank. We’re certainly open to expansion, though, so if you’re outside the Tri-Cities area, drop us a line and let us know where you’re located and how many Lockbox Stands you’re interested in. We'll then get in touch with you to see how we might be able to accommodate your request.